Health Center

无遮羞大尺寸的动漫高清正在播放-港台电影 - 6080电影网站Take charge of your mind, body and soul with our wide variety of health and wellness services and stay healthy and strong. From working out at Yates Field House to guided meditation sessions, we’ll help you thrive in ways that maximize your personal and academic experience.

Student Health Center
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High-Quality Care

We provide high-quality, accessible and inclusive health care to every student in the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, or care of the whole person.

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Counseling and Mental Health

CAPS无遮羞大尺寸的动漫高清正在播放-港台电影 - 6080电影网站 is dedicated to helping students develop greater self-understanding, identify and solve problems, and improve academic performance through the alleviation of psychological, emotional, and cognitive barriers.

Student Health Insurance

无遮羞大尺寸的动漫高清正在播放-港台电影 - 6080电影网站Learn about the plan outline and find answers to frequently asked questions.

A Testimonial

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“Embodying Georgetown’s mission of cura personalis, Health Education Services (HES) supports student well-being and creates healthy learning environments for individuals and the community.”

HES Staff
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Health Education Services

We provide free, confidential services for all your mental health needs, including assessment, referrals, concerns related to sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, alcohol and drug use, pregnancy, nutrition, body image and eating disorders.

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